#4 NPCs of Dreadstorms Lost

The following blog post is Part 4 of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign, Dreadstorms Lost. These blogs are intended for other game masters who might want to use this campaign setting and the scenarios to inspire their own role playing games. (Free for noncommercial reuse.)


NPCs for Berlstrum and Random Encounters

Berlstrum 2Over the course of running through the campaign twice, I’ve often had to come up with non-player characters (NPCs) with quick backstories. Below is a table with names, race, gender, notes, and location. The number in the map column indicates what primary building that NPC haunts in Berlstrum. Some of these NPCs are mentioned at some point in the campaign notes.

Note: I created the map and the NPCs, but not the art at the top of this page.

Town of Berlstrum with index [PDF]

Non-Player Character Resource Table

Map First Last Sex Race Notes
124 Agosta Amagoste F Dragonborn COUNCIL MEMBER/Fighter/ Protector Mentor
stout, pratical sort; lives on farm outside walls; won’t fight if it’ll endanger her kids; husband Viontae
101 Ak Hopplestance F Tiefling Co-owner of #101 Hawl & Ak Butchers; Mom is Juniper
Amalika Breth F Human
Ames Albrecht M Halfling Cleric; member of the Deadly Omega 6
Amira Northwing F Human Rogue; Protector Trainee
93 Andorion Albrĕcktforthen’with M Elf Owner of #93 Breen Treasure Imports
Arcuna Blestem Confundat F Dragonborn
49 Arn the Agrivated M Human Harbor Guide
115 Arthur Grayfist Stonecrusher the Sixth M Dwarf
Avele Strongheart F Gnome
Ayelee Faewlsteem F Human Son is Torgret
Bai Tan M Human
Bantu Voi Nimici F Human Married to Momoma
Beeble Brakenridge M Human
Berdaging Monyet F Human
Bodoh Deathtracker M ½ Orc Ship repair #46
Briney Ulanbataar
Buric Chestuine Creierul M Elf
100 Caemtar Grayfist Stonecrusher M Dwarf Tanner at #100
Calista Anthron Juxtapocket F Dwarf
122 Clarence Gulspar M Human Protector trainee – Foreshot is his mentor; lives in guest room at #122 the Champions’ Manor
Cliffer Morganshire M
Clogswollow Goofenmauker Brakenridge M Gnome
78 Cobblekeep Lightdiggerson M Halfling Mayor of Berlstrum – Dapper dresser; full of energy; #26 residence; son Silverfin
Cridhe Summerfest M Gnome
Crostack Muntah-racun’dalam Lehe’randa M Elf
59 Curloring Nevăstuică M Elf Employee of #59 Busy Bore Pub
Darnak Underbough M Halfling, Lightfoot Vani’s brother
Dgari Nebdakka M Dragonborn
Dholean Maraas M
Doodlawk Moarte’asperanta’glorie M ½ Elf
Dorn Tallstag Eirkash M Human Wizard master of Illusions; short (5″1′) teenager dresses in fine street clothes & robe; hangs out at #36 Sure Luke’s Pub / Mentor is Haseid (Warlock)
59 Drom Strongheart M Gnome owner of #59 Busy Bore Pub
Durkyn Deathtracker M ½ Orc
55 Efergen Happleknot F Halfling Owner of #55 Hanging High Fresh Produce
35 Efrim Nerezonabile X Dobbleganger Owner of #35 Happy’s (Gambling/Prostitutes)
Ekantar Hickfurt M Human
Erky Raulnor M Forest Gnome Protector Trainee / Monk: Way of the Open Hand; Holds himself aloofly.
Everett Muskrat M Human
Eyugen Burhpart M Human
99 Farreacher Meleleh F Dragonborn Blacksmith/Protector Trainer -Employee at The Forge
27 Feather Crystalmash Hollythorne Hard’sarrow F Halfling Scribe/Sorceress – owner of Words of Wonder (Bookstore & letters)
FitzHenry M Human
Foreshot Dreadstorm F Human Birth name is [Forest Norborough]; Ranger/ Protector Trainer to Clarence; Lives in #122 Champions’ Manor; married to Kazel Dreadstorm; previous member of the Deadly Omega 6
Frank Mash M Human
99 Gar Deathtracker M ½ Orc Blacksmith –  Owner of #99 The Forge
94 Gee’naw Faewlsteem M ½ Orc Owner of #94 G’naws Magic Goods
Gemmaya Ankhalab Happychance Ginblossom F Halfling
Gloryhound Omeka
Gomia Crystalmash Hollythorne Hard’sarrow F Halfling
Gomrund Pantamongre M Human
Gorola Mendala F Human
Gorshuk Planke M ½ Elf Rogue Assassin; member of the Deadly Omega 6
Gorx Drumbanger M Dwarf
102 Grant Tan M ½ Orc COUNCIL MEMBER / Barbarian; – owner of #102 Suvival Supplies; Bulky with green tinge to skin; grunts “Uh huh” often
Graybook Lunarbow
46 Grayson Voi Nimici M Dragonborn Fisherman & Boat repair #45 /Protector Mentor
126 Hagh Seedrikson M Human Brother-Hammond
126 Hammond Seedrikson M Human COUNCIL MEMBER STAND-IN/Fighter – Runs #126 Hammond Farm; Unappologetically grubby
Haseid Khalid M Human Dorn’s Mentor; Warlock: Archfey Pact; level-headed and calm
49 Hasfromer Hornblower Goldblossom Everstone M Dwarf Harbor Guide / Fisherman #49
101 Hawl Gravemaker M Tiefling Ranger; Co-owner of #101 Hawl & Ak Butchers
108 Hunnable Monyet M Human Druid – Owner of #108 TK Stables
Imire Hornblower Goldblossom Everstone F Dwarf
Inx Albrĕcktforthen’with F Elf Haps Emporium General Goods – #26
Jawbone Catsgrace Halfling
45 Jester Red River M Human Bard / Friends of the Dreadstorms/ has been going out recruiting new protectors / often found at Dragon Rest when in town
Jhessail Arrowbrite F Gnome
88 Juniper Hopplestance F Tiefling Druid – owner of #88 Herb Store; Daughter is Ak
49 Kalanar Trelstar M Human Harbor Guide/ Fisherman / Protector
Kalisstra Lightdiggerson F Halfling In a relationship with the gnome Mungin
122 Kazel Dreadstorm M Elf Elf Wizard/Head Protector Trainer; Lives in #122 Champions’ Manor w/Tower; owner of #10 Glass Eye (Potions/Enchantments); married to Foreshot Dreadstorm; previous member of the Deadly Omega 6
4 Klee’na Nevăstuică F Elf Fighter / Protector / #3- 4 Guard Shacks/Cells
Kresley Ironbreaker F Dwarf
Laibazarbit “Bit” Graystone F Tiefling Fighter; member of the Deadly Omega 6
100 Leebowitz Bigtooth M Dwarf Tanner
Lemand Dieredenbreekt M ½ Elf
Lemonte Trelstar M Human Trader – Better than Fine Imports
Logar Lightburn
Lord Ust M Human Daughter is Mostrad
49 Luck McQuel M Human Harbor Master
14 Mamet Txatin F Human Owner of #14 Mamet’s Boarding House
Mati Montekee F Human
Momoma Anababa F Human Married to Bantu
4 Monara Ust F Human Monk / Protector – Guard Shack/Cells – #3-4; Mom-Mostrad; Grandpa-Lord Ust
Moora Moonmadder
Moregore Grayfist Ironbreaker M Dwarf Fighter/Protector trainee; part of the Ironbreaker Clan
Morengort Grayfist Ironbreaker M Dwarf Fighter; part of the Ironbreaker Clan
Morgorn Grayfist Ironbreaker M Dwarf Fighter; part of the Ironbreaker Clan
15 Mostrad Ust F Human COUNCIL MEMBER – owner of #15 Katrine Café; rudy Cheeks; grumpy; says “Well then!”; Daughter-Monara
Munca Nevăstuică F Elf
Mungin Barnabus Periwinkle M Gnome Rogue (Arcane Trickster); flamboyant dresser; always wears large brimmed hat and high cuffed boots; in a relationship with the halfling Kalisstra
Munina Alegrate Doomoxster Happychance F Halfling
Muriel Rodigokraken F Dragonborn
Mutah Bodo
Nalgin Darkweaver M Gnome
Necrog Vântul M Human
5 Neegha Dragonburn Axhammer F Tiefling Runs #5 North Stable
Neroz Nerezonabile F Dragonborn Harbor Guide
Navenpänts Albrĕcktforthen’with Elf
42 Neverpots Goofenmauker Brakenridge F Gnome Instructor at #42 Esoteria University and Librarian at #44 the Library of Esoteria
44 Norttle Summerfest M Gnome Wizard/Librarian/ Protector Trainer; Headmaster at  #42-43 Esoteria University and Head Librarian at #44 the Library of Esoteria
Obsidian Wallaby ½ Elf
Olga River F Human Drunkard; hangs out at #13 Yellow Barrel
Pye’orion Bonamassa M ½ Elf
Qen Norwellen M Elf Actual first name is Q’endersforthwith, but everyone calls him Ken; Warlock; owner of #52 Tryme Tavern
46 Quaxill Bonhaventree M Gnome Ship repair #46
37 R’dsché Albrĕcktforthen’with M Elf COUNCIL MEMBER / Cleric/Protector Trainer – Wears priest robes; has an angular body and pointy beard; often says “I seeeeee”
Ragnara’sha [no last name] F Human Barbarian Berserker / Protector trainee – White hair; broad of shoulder and strong of limb
Ryobid Txatin
57 S’slaw Norwellen M Elf Runs #57 Fresh Seafood & Delicacies
Samora Ganzee F Human Warlock/Sorcerer; member of the Deadly Omega 6
36 Serfio Txatin M Human Owner of #36 Sure Luke’s Pub
26 Silverfin Giltas M Halfling 16 years old; parent is Mayor Cobblekeep; friends of Torgret and Tragar; residence #26
Smack Mash M Human Mash Brothers
Snark Mash M Human Mash Brothers
Spinks Mash M Human Mash Brothers
Stank Mash M Human Mash Brothers
Stormy Mogwater F Human Protector Trainee / Cleric; Shy, doesn’t speak much but powerful of healing faith and strong of arms
Suffo Galopează F Dragonborn
Sylara Swiller
Tabrak Dragonburn Axhammer M Dwarf
Tai Mei F Human
54 Tat Deathtracker M Orc Owner of #54 Tat’s Tattooing
36 Tesseley Buckman F Human Rogue Assasin; Hangs out at #36 Sure Luke Pub; older (40s) wears worn eather armor, daggers, and light crossbow; “Deadly at finding an eliminating problems”
46 Tiabra Evenwood F Gnome Ship repair #46
Tidak Meleleh M Dragonborn
Tojeono što vaše mrtve majke M Elf
125 Tomo Prok M ½ Elf Gwantomo Prokleta duša rekao (actual name) COUNCIL MEMBER / Druid/Protector Mentor
Runs #125 Gwantoma Farm outside city walls; has Wolf companion named Oscar
Torgret Jararr M Human 17 years old; parent is Aylee; friends with Tragar and Silverfin
Tragar Sângerare M Human 13 years old; parent is Vasil; starting to come into his sorcerer abilities; friends with Silverfin and Torgret
Tryphon Demarcus
Umara Fatefighter Oglethorp F Human
Vani Underbough F Halfling, Lightfoot Ranger: Beast Master (4); Favorite Terrain: Forest/Enemy: Aberrations / Hangs out in #36 Sure Luke Pub;  Darnak’s brother; bat perched on his shoulder
Vasil Farlmoore M Human Wealthy owner of #120 manor; very attached to his 2 small dogs
124 Viontae Amagoste M Dragonborn Father/Farmer at #124 Amagoste Farm / Husband to Agosta
90 Wabae Txatin F Human COUNCIL MEMBER / Cleric Acolyte / Runs #124 Medical Aid; round & bustling; says “Dear me!” a lot
Wharva Ku F Human
Whinelda Wrigglesworth F
Xem the Illustrious
95 Xendric Grayfist Ironbreaker M Dwarf COUNCIL MEMBER / Owner of #94 Xendric’s Basic Armor & Weapons Shop; #84 residence; Tidy with a short, trimmed beard; part of the Ironbreaker Clan
Xenon Grayfist Ironbreaker F Dwarf Married to Xendric; Aunt to Moregor, Morengort, and Morgorn; part of the Ironbreaker Clan
Xultrane Lackman M Human
Yohkle Arodite Human Merchant sailor
3 Zertana Moarte’asperanta’glorie F Dragonborn Mage/ Protector Guard Shack/Cells
Zora Goodcrusher F Gnome
Zorbit Allbreath
Zorn Gravemaker M Tiefling Cousin-Hawl
Zutrae Shemov F Human

Next up: Enough back story already! Let’s get this campaign started! #5 – The Adventure Begins – Dreadstorm Lost

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