Wooden Mimic Box

I recently obtained this really neat mimic dice made by a talented artist named Kayla in British Columbia that has the 9FlameCreations Etsy shop. (Yeah, sorry. This is a bit of a product review/advertisement more than anything, but it’s just so cool!)

I’m not sure how many she makes at a time, but it’s not unusual for these to run out of stock and to have to wait a couple of weeks before more are available. It was totally worth the wait. I love all the details in the mimic’s face: the eye folds hold that the glass eyes (option of colors!), the furrowed eyebrow ridge, the indented nose bump, and the ferocious teeth that part for a terrible bite attack! The little rivets along the top arch and the front corners are a lovely touch that really make it feel like a chest.

I haven’t had the chest long, so I don’t know how well the gold latch and hinges will hold up to regular use. They seem like pretty good quality.

I ordered the large brown box with the blue eyes. It’s not cheap (about $58, depending on the Canadian to US exchange). The smaller ones were around $38. It was a luxury splurge for me. But considering I squeeed when I opened the box and am still smiling when I look at it, it was worth it.

The Etsy site says that the larger box holds about 75 standard size dice and the smaller one about 2 dice sets. My one complaint is that she doesn’t make a larger size. After all, the gamer credo is, “You can never have too many dice!”

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