#13 – Loot from Gwantomo’s & from Amagoste’s Farms – Dreadstorms Lost Campaign

Original art by: https://namkoart.deviantart.com/art/Treasury-477630587
The following blog post is Part 13 of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign, Dreadstorms Lost. These blogs are intended for other game masters who might want to use this campaign setting and the scenarios to inspire their own role playing games. (Free for noncommercial reuse.)


The quantity, quality, and frequency of loot varies dramatically from game master to game master in any role playing game. I tend to be overly generous with my loot. It also means that the encounters that my players face will be that much deadlier to balance out the magic items they find. 

I’ll sprinkle in random, non-magical items in with the other found items just for the fun of it. For instance, when going through an abandoned farmhouse, they might find a cast-iron pot, a wooden spoon, and a bottle of wine.  I’m always tickled when my players find clever uses for these items months later that take me totally by surprise. 

DMG = 5th Edition D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide

Featured art found here: https://namkoart.deviantart.com/art/Treasury-477630587

Amagoste’s Farm House

If the party defeats all 8 of the Orcs outside and inside of Amagoste’s house, the party finds the following

From the 8 Orcs

  • Total Gold: 32
  • Total Silver: 5
  • 6 Hide Armors – varying states of disrepair
  • 3 Greataxes
  • 7 Javelins
  • Muddy white gem (worth 10gp)
  • Scroll of Purify Food & Water
  • 3 Potion of healing (2d4+2)
  • Flat iron rod with a button on one end [Immovable rod (DMG 175)]
  • Lovely statue of an elven lady (25gp)
  • Emerald gem (50gp)
  • Spell Scroll of Lesser Restoration

In addition, if they defeat the 2 Ogres, they will also find:

From 2 OGRES inside of Amagoste’s house:

  • Gold 8
  • Silver 2
  • 2 Greatclubs
  • 7 Javelins
  • Statue of a handsome elven lord (25gp)
  • Vial of brown liquid with questionable chunks floating in it [Potion of Animal Friendship -DMG 187]
  • Goggles with leafy gold metalwork and green lenses [Goggles of Night Vision -DMG 172]
  • Green & blue plaid bonnet
  • Glass unicorn figurine (25gp)
  • Black leather purse with images of bear cubs frolicking in the grass embossed on the flap [Bag of holding -DMG 153]
  • Lacy doily

Gwantomo’s Farm

The from battle at Gwantomo’s Farm left a lot of dead bodies. It will take time to search them all. Hammond and Tomo are exhausted and have no interest in any of the loot the adventurers might find on the dead. If they decide to go inside the house to loot, Tomo will stop them.

  • Gold = 110 each
  • Platinum = 3 each
  • Dusty, dark gray studded leather armor [Studded Leather Armor +2 DMG 152; 1000g]
  • Beautifully carved black longbow [Longbow +1 -DMG 213]
  • Silver chain necklace with a small marbled stone; stone is weightless; 2 silver
  • Green bowler hat with brown feather in headband  [*Feather is a Quaal’s Feather Token-bird token, DMG 188; single use; 350g]
  • Bottle with viscous, sticky black unguent [Oil of Slipperiness DMG 184]
  • Bottle of clear liquid with large fingernail floating inside[Potion of Hill Giant Strength DMG187; STR 21; 75g)
  • 6 Potions of Healing 2d4+2 (pg188; 50g ea)
  • 1 Potion of Greater Healing 4d4+4 (pg188; 150g ea)
  • Large iron pot; 1g
  • Blue cloak with gold-ribbon edging [Cloak of Protection DMG 159; +1 AC and saving throws; 500g]
  • Leatherworker’s tools
  • Gold Mace with holy symbols (Mace of Disruption; DMG179; 6,500g)
  • Interlocking metal armbands of gold (Bracers of Defense; +2 AC with no armor/no shield; DMG 156; 2500g)
  • Magnifying lens
  • Scroll of Stone Shape (PHB 278)
  • Hooded lantern

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