What’s left for the Dreadstorm Campaign?

Human female and white haired elf embrace

Are you waiting with bated breath for the next installation of the Dreadstorm Campaign?

Okay. Probably not. My audience is pretty small (read “itty bitty” … you who read my ramblings, I salute you!) and pretty non-communicative. But who am I to toss stones? I’m not big on commenting either.  I hope there will be others who find bits of my imaginary world and story intriguing or inspiring. But truth be told, this is something I’m doing for myself that I want to see through to the end.

That being said, what with playing around with drawing maps and working on my current D&D game, I’m taking some time off from blogging the Dreadstorm Campaign so I can focus in those other directions for a while. When I started with the idea of putting this campaign online, I thought it would be easy. All the material is already there, right?! Nope. Not so much. It’s all that background information in my head that I never bothered writing down. That and finding that on reflection there are bits that needed some tweaking or cleaning up.

Things still to come in the Dreadstorm Campaign:

  1. What’s been happening in Berlstrum while the party is crawling through Berlstrum’s Belly?
  2. Explanation/Summation of the Plague of Orcus Ritual Spell and the escalating zombie types created at dusk each day. There is a time crunch to this adventure!
  3. Encounter with the demon known as The Wix and his Bargles. His job is to ensure that the spell is completed.
  4. Boss fight with Kazel.
  5. Aftermath … lingering undead and uber-undead.

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