Mountains and Buildings

Pencil sketches of mountains ranges and hills

Mountains are hard

Continuing in my exploration of cartography and topography, I’m finding that with mountains, it’s hard to not get them too large and take over the whole map. My second map effort end up with huge mountains and awkward buildings.  I didn’t have the book in front of me to follow along with, so it’s not quite as put-together looking as the first effort.

2nd Map effort - Big mountains, weird towns
My second effort at a map didn’t go quite as nicely as the first one.

Also those buildings are just killing me. They need to be tiny to fit proportionately on these 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets, but I haven’t mastered that sort of fine detail with the pencils I’m using. Truth be told, I’ve abandoned this sad effort.

Practice! Practice!

So some practice sketching mountains, trying to follow predetermined paths

Still haven’t quite gotten the hang of mountains in proportion to the rest of the maps, but that’s what practice is for, right?

Pencil sketches of mountains ranges and hills


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