From Fizzle’s Diary: Chapter 8

Grid map of dungeon

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Chapter 0, Character Intros: Tholin | Kromnock Mor | Fizzle

From the ongoing saga of Fizzle’s and his hired companions.
written by Fiznarthian Ooglenook (played David Pettit)
Featured image (Photo by me)

Chapter 8

Game Day 7/5/2019

Waking Up Is Hard to Do … When Your Friend is a Mummy

Fizzle and Tholin have had a long rest in the closet they were trapped in by now-mummified Kromnak. Looking around the small 10×5 space, they realize that they are in some kind of control closet with lights, and buttons, and unidentifiable mechanics.

They discuss their options and decide to try pushing a button. There are 4 buttons: Red, Magenta, Fuchsia, and Puce. Tholin gives Fizzle a boost to reach them and Fizzle pushes a puce colored one. Nothing seems to happen. 

Fizzle and Tholin listen at the door. [Fizzle perception: 22] They hear the sound of rotting flesh and Dora the Door sobbing. Tholin suggests we put Kromnak out of our, I mean, his misery and Fizzle agrees. The door, it creaks as we slowly push it open. We see Kromnak is a desiccated mummy standing frozen by the door. His shriveled hands grasp his sword “Flame,Flame”. He is a gruesome site! Fizzle is feeling he won’t be getting his guild deposit for Kromnak back. 

As Tholin has the only sword between them, it is decided he will dispatch mummy-Kromnak to a better place. With a mighty swing he severs Kromnak’s head from his shriveled body. We remove Dora the Door from the headless body and leaned her up against the wall. We recover the items Kromnak was carrying: the flame sword, 2 javelins, bull-horned helmet, belt pouch, 13 crossbow bolts, potion of climbing, 2 hand axes, and the circlet of protection. We leave his great axe and heavy crossbow. I bless the body, “He lived, he drank, he fought, he died.” 

Breaking In and Making Friends

crop of just the prisoner section of the dungeon

Tholin uses the chime of unlocking on the cell door and we push it open and enter. There is a hallway to the right and in front of us.  Some shelves on the wall to the left have personal items (like weapons, armor, bags)  in neatly labeled stacks. A cell door is visible across the hall on the right and more cells further down. 

Examining the stuff on the shelves it looks like there are possibly 5 prisoners in here. There is also an unlabeled set of black plate armor. For now, we leave the items on the shelves.  

Looking in the first cell, we see a modest cell with a bed and desk. There is a waterfall and pool towards the back. We see a fox, but there appears to be no other occupant. “Hello? Anyone there?” No answer. We move to the next cell. It is much the same but there is a lizard in this cell. Fizzle tries to communicate with the lizard. “Hello can … you … understand … me …?” 

The lizard turns into a pretty female half elf (Moora) and says, “You’re an idiot, aren’t cha?” We learn she is one of the components in The Spell, so is one of the people we have come to rescue. From Chapter 1:

Also the captive below the ruins seems to be the key to the whole Orcus plan.  The cave below the cliffs is the Dungeon of the Mad Molvei.  Legend says that a sacrifice of three from a specific dragon family line will make a bridge between the material plan and the abyssal one.  

From the diary of Fizzle: Chapter 1

We attempt to unlock her cell with the chime but the door doesn’t open. Suddenly the “wall” behind us comes to life and tries to subdue us. Tholin attacks with his sword, but it’s a wall. Fizzle attempts Sacred Flame and it fizzles. Magic seems unable to work here. Moora says if we leave the area the Stone Defender will quit attacking. Disengaging with the “wall” Fizzle and Tholin move back towards the shelves. The wall desists. 

Fizzle grabs a mace from one of the piles (to replace the one the kitchen golem destroyed) and goes to try talking with the fox. He finds out the foxes name is Ember and it wants to be set free. 

Deciding to look around a little more before attempting to free any more prisoners, they find a store room. It contains lots of robot parts in different bins and in the corner is a drone of some sort. It looks spider-like with lots of different attachments. Maybe a repair drone? There are spaces for more but they are currently empty. Tholin pushes the drones ON button. We talk with the drone. We can’t convince it to help us turn off the magic dampening field, but we do tell it about Dora and it goes off to put her back. 

Turn Off the Anti-Magic Field

Maybe the buttons in the closet affect the field? We decide to try them. Earlier Moora had told us that when the dampening field is off the black armor becomes animated and tries to kill intruders. So before we try the buttons we empty a bin in the store room and lock the armor inside it. Fizzle then casts “Light” on a pebble in the hall with the mummies. It  lights up, and as soon as it’s tossed into the prison section, it goes dark. He leaves it in the prison where he can see it through the door while Tholin manipulates the buttons. He pushes the red one and nothing happens. 

Looking up Tholin sees the repair drone from earlier is back and looking at him from the ceiling. We offer to take the drone away with us if he helps us shut off the magic dampening field. It takes some persuasion but he gives us the code, 32133. [Fuschia – Magenta – Red – Fushia – Fushia] Using that we see the pebble in the prison light up. The repair drone follows us. 

We release the fox and the “wall” starts coming for us again. We duck around a looping hall and come to Moora’s cell and unlock it. The Stone Defender activates and we have to battle it again. As we damage it the robot sees damage and jumps on the “wall” shutting it down to fix it. With the ”wall” disabled, we push it into Moora’s cell and lock it in. We take the drone with us and open the rest of the cells, releasing the prisoners and meeting a female elf ranger named Dalal Northwind  who had been hiding  in the cell with the fox. (She is a bit surly.) 

Moora says she was brought here through a teleporter and it sounds as if she came in through the store room so we decided to check it for hidden doors. 

Opening the store room door we come face to helmet horror with the black armor! Battle ensues and we are on the losing side. Fizzle suggests turning on the damping field again so the armor will go inert. The elf Dalal volunteers so, after giving her the code, she runs off. Soon the armor collapses. For good measure we lock the armor in the elf’s old cell.

We do find a hidden door in the store room and passing through find a teleportation circle. There are also some tables with different non-related objects. They must be teleport keys! There are: A boot, bucket, pebble, round spectacles (rose tinted), a skull inlaid with precious stones, and a wide gold belt with 12 fire opals. Fizzle puts the belt on, Dalal wears the spectacles, and Tholin takes the pebble. There is a small leather flask that has fallen off the table. Dalal picks it up takes a swig and tosses it to Tholin. We all step into the circle. Moora tells us there is usually a keyword to activate the key. Delall tries “Orcus” and we all pop out.

Arc Complete!

This completes the the Dungeon of the Mad Molvei! We get to level up to 5. Next time we start a new adventure. 

This was a lot of fun.

Grid map of dungeon
Interior prison area

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