D&D Gaming Philosophy

I am starting a new D&D 5E campaign that will include some new players. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some gaming tips.

Have fun. This is a game.

Love your character. Get into the story. But remember at the end of the day, this is a game. We are all coming together to have a good time. Sometimes the most fun comes from unexpected failures. Embrace them and make them work for your story!

Don’t be a dick.

Respect your fellow players and your game master. Find ways to work with your teammates and the story. While I as the GM might joke about plotting players’ demise, ultimately, I want to see you win. You are the heroes of this story.

Evil Player Characters Suck

Generally, I am not going to concern myself with your character’s alignment. I may inadvertently roll my eyes in exasperation at some character decisions because … Hey, I am human … despite what some may suggest! That being said, I have rarely seen an evil character that has been fun to have in a D&D party. Cruelty for cruelty sake is what the bad guys do. Buuuut … if you have a clever idea for a character concept, talk to me.

Do not hate the GM. Hate the fictional villains!

My job as a game master is to challenge the party and give you an exciting world to explore. We are writing this epic story together. I am on your side, even when you decimate my Big Bad in one round. I may cry a little on the inside, but if you are all happy dancing, then it was worth it.

Actions have consequences.

Whether you help the old lady cross the street or backstab the beggar boy, the people and the environment will react accordingly. For example, reputations can affect how NPCs help with information gathering or the cost of goods.

It is okay to run away.

Sometimes there will be adversaries that will kick your ass if you try to take them head on. Hiding, running away, negotiation, or surrender are all possible alternatives. Not all the bad guys are going to be level-appropriate combat encounters. Sometimes you may have to come back later and get revenge.

The GM will make mistakes.

Yup. I won’t always make the right call on a rule. I am going to TRY not stop the flow of the game by looking up rules, as I have in the past.  I will try to make a reasonable, fair call at the time. In the same regard, I ask that players not argue about the rules during the game. Let’s talk about it afterwards!

The GM will make mistakes but can improve with help!

If you feel that I am not being consistent or fair or am playing favorites, talk to me about it after the game. I might not ever realize it until someone (gently) points it out to me. Also, sometimes my memory is shit and I legitimately won’t remember something.

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