Map: Castle Darkhope

Brief History

Discovered in the lost ruins of Gauntlet Green is a map of Castle Darkhope, where the throne of Delzoun once ruled.

Main Floor

The floorplan of Castle Darkhope reveals a large, sunken ballroom with a glass ceiling on the western side. On the east is an equally large solarium with a 2-story high class ceiling. The 2-story glass ceilings are also in the throne room and the two circular lounge areas in the front. The throne room and the solarium have double-arched entrances. The ballroom has one large archway.


Upstairs are two exterior balconies off of the study and the salon facing the front of the castle. Windows along the east wall look in to the solarium. Windows on the west can see the lower glass ceiling of the ballroom. Privileged family and visitors might have been allowed to watch the events unfolding in the throne room from the rooms above.

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