Map: Allegreyo – City on the Bay

fantasy sketch of the city

I drew this map a while back and have been tinkering around with it in photoshop, wanting to make it moodier and less peppy feeling.

Allegreyo is a fictional city created with role playing games like D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) in mind. I’m not currently running a campaign, but I still enjoy creating maps.

Allegreyo summary

Allegreyo is a densely populated city divided down the middle by a raging river that dumps out in vortex of a bay. Only the most skilled of ship captains can safely navigate the strong whirlpool-like currents.

City map isolated on white background.

Allegreyo Simplified

A simplified version of the Allegreyo city map without the water and label.

Ruins of Allegreyo

This version of the city map shows the left area mostly flooded. The right half is blackened, as though most of the building has burnt down.

Effect created using several Photoshop filters and other effects.

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