Map: Low Mountain City

A walled city straddling a river, Low Mountain City is nestled at the foot of the looming Brokenfangs Mountain Range and is about half a days ride from the southern coast.

Inner Wall

The inner wall protects the nobles and other influential members. The inner wall is double the thickness of the outer wall, but only 15 feet high. The entrances through the inner wall have double portcullis that are usually left in the open position unless the city is under attack.

Citizens are allowed to take refuge within the inner walls if they are able to get there before the gates are closed.

Outer Wall

Due to its strategic location between newly warring factions, the city counsel felt motivated to erect a second, 30-foot high, outer wall around the city to protect its interests … and it’s people, of course.

Each outer gate has a guard tower and multiple gates along long “kill zone” passages for ease of stopping unfriendly invaders.

The River

This is the narrowest part of the Tumult River, as well as the deepest. Despite it’s fast current, people often spend leisure time at the beaches and warm waters.

There are magically reinforced iron grills spanning beneath the walls where they cross the river. People, pets, and odds and ends have been know to get stuck there and have to be cleared out.

Map of Low Mountain City

It all started with grid paper

Sections of the city were originally drawn out on grid paper on several sheets of paper before being brought together in Photoshop for texture, river, streets, and walls.

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