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Fantasy maps, D&D campaign notes, random haikus, and other endeavors.


  • Map: Circle of Cyanos

    Map: Circle of Cyanos

    Home of the Cult Order of Cyanos. The Circle of Cyanos is the headquarters for the newly risen Order of Cyanos. Not much is known about Cyanos or this order. Average citizens are flocking to the Circle, believing that all their suffering will be alleviated by Cyanos and some secret ritual there. Will our heroes…

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  • Map: Low Mountain City

    Map: Low Mountain City

    A walled city straddling a river, Low Mountain City is nestled at the foot of the looming Brokenfangs Mountain Range and is about half a days ride from the southern coast. Inner Wall The inner wall protects the nobles and other influential members. The inner wall is double the thickness of the outer wall, but…

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  • Map: Atrium

    Map: Atrium

    Soaring walls of windows. Large 3-step entrances with pillars at either end. Four rooms on either side have glass windows up to a partially domed glass ceilings.

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  • Map: Allegreyo – City on the Bay

    Map: Allegreyo – City on the Bay

    A fantasy cartography map of a crowded city, originally pencil sketched and then modified in Photoshop.

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  • Map: Rosario Manor House

    Map: Rosario Manor House

    A fantasy house floorplan with a main level and a hidden dungeon and tunnels below.

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  • Map: The Great Spire

    Map: The Great Spire

    I envision this massive tower structure with landings every 35-50 steps. A large, wide archway leads immediately to imposing steep stairs going up. To the left of the entry arch are 3 smaller arches that lead into the stables. A door on the right at the base of the stairs leads to the only room…

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