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Fantasy maps, D&D campaign notes, random haikus, and other endeavors.


  • Random Haiku: Teamwork

    Teamwork Magic grasp shocking Rage marked by hunter surge Critical hit good

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  • Map: Cave City Sketch

    Map: Cave City Sketch

    Sketched map of a city inside of a cave with a path winding up to the royal abode.

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  • Random Haiku: RPG

    Role Playing Games Polyhedral choices Characters level whenever Friends play together

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  • Homebrew Monster: Giant Skitters

    Homebrew Monster: Giant Skitters

    Anyone else get twitchy and itchy at the mention of fleas? Nasty little buggars. They were my inspiration for this monster called a “Giant Skitter” for my D&D 5E game. See below for the stat block. One-on-one these monsters are pretty easy to kill. It’s the fact that more of them keep coming that almost…

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  • Skirmish on a switchback trail

    Skirmish on a switchback trail

    I needed an encounter map for the D&D 5E game that, due to COVID-19 and players’ locations, I’m running over the internet. I created this using the drawing options available on the Google jamboard app. Thought it turned out pretty good considering I was drawing it with a mouse. I mean … you can tell…

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  • D&D Gaming Philosophy

    D&D Gaming Philosophy

    I am starting a new D&D 5E campaign that will include some new players. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some gaming tips. Have fun. This is a game. Love your character. Get into the story. But remember at the end of the day, this is a game. We are all…

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