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Game Master Ramble 2 – Soooo blue

Sunday Group, Blue Dragons, and Rope climbing I run 2 games, the newer group on Saturdays and the other group that’s been going for a while. The longer running group ran through the Champion’s Lost story arch has since moved onto bigger things… like setting a blue dragon loose on the city of Obsidian, though not completely on purpose. They did intend to stop it … Continue reading Game Master Ramble 2 – Soooo blue

Game Master’s Ramble – Oh Fizzle

Fizzle’s Ongoing Story What happened to Fizzle, you may be asking? (OK. You’re probably not asking but I’m going to answer anyway.) Did he fizzle out as the name suggests? Well the good news is that he is still alive. Well barely. Fizzle, the Cleric, has used up all of his spells and the rest of his teammates have drunk most of their healing potions. … Continue reading Game Master’s Ramble – Oh Fizzle

Viking Village by Lukasz Wiktorzak

From Fizzle’s Diary: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 1/26/2019 Morning the next day… Kromnak Mor makes rat stew for breakfast out of the remains of our adversaries from last night, along with rocks and grass, yuck, blagh. Were on the path to Ol’Shire from M’Ka it a about a 3 day two night journey.  It is in the Fall of the year so it’s pretty cold at night.  It is quite … Continue reading From Fizzle’s Diary: Chapter 2

From the diary of Fizzle: Chapter 1

written by David Pettit, player for Fizzle cover image from Chapter 1 1/12/2019 Went back to the temple and met Slogarth, an acolyte.  He is still learning his cantrips. He told me that Master Foswith had left and taken all the able bodied fighters to Berlstrum because it is under siege from the worst of the worst, Tarken raiders. “Listen slogarth on those cantrips … Continue reading From the diary of Fizzle: Chapter 1

Kromnock Mor’s Intro: Chapter 0

Introduction of Kromnock Mor Level 1 Dwarf, Barbarin The following notes are from an exchange of text messages between myself (GM) and Jones (Kromnock Mor) as a pre-game setup. Chapter 0 1/11/2019 GM: Since killing off your mentor and starting your life as a sell-sword … well … it’s been really boring. Kromnock Mor: Yeah he just fights, eats, and drinks, and sleeps. GM: Not … Continue reading Kromnock Mor’s Intro: Chapter 0