Self-Promotion: Shutterstock Plug

Screen capture of my photos for sale on Shutterstock

Zevster is on Shutterstock

I now have my images available on Shutterstock. My photographer “handle” is Zevster.

There are currently images of dice backgrounds and travel locations like Ireland and Oregon. As time goes on I plan to add more, bigger, better offerings. Someday I’ll get that first 25 cent download!

I’m still working on adding more content. It takes longer than I expected to sort through the images, prep then in Photoshop, give them keywords and descriptions before submitting them for review with the Shutterstock overlords. And yes, I did finally break down and get a Photoshop subscription.

I haven’t gotten a single download yet, but that’s okay. There are millions of photos on that site. Eventually someone is bound to stumble over one of mine and say, “Yes! I gotta have that one!”

Rusty photography skills

Most of the images I’ve uploaded so far have been taken with my old point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix or my iPhone. I’ve borrowed my fiance’s swanky digital SLR Nikon and have quickly realized that it’s been over 20 years since I used an SLR camera and there may be some learning curve to remember to things like ISO, shutter speed, and apeture. Though this chart below is pretty handy:

ISO, Shutter, Aperture chart
You can download the card on the Fotoblog Hamburg site here (in German). I couldn’t find a link to his English version.


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